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Candy Central is a game similar to 'WRECK-IT RALPH'S SUGAR RUSH'. There are 20 racing characters. Mindi, Goldy, Cher, Troy, Tammy, Cakey, Dottie, Snowey, Creami, Lollie, Bubbles, Baker, Lala, Raine, Lizz, Pielie, Jawn, Marshall, Polly, and Connie. There is 1 left. She wasn't included because she doesn't race. Candy von Sweetzi. Have fun!

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Candy Central is a game similar to Wreck It-Ralph's Sugar Rush. There are 11 racing characters. Taffany, Aun' 'Chewel, Cakeabella, Connie, Marshall, Gumessa, Snowette, Hershey, Elicorice, Mindi, and Cookiliza.

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